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New stock for the 2014-2015 Season

Even more New Kit now in the Sports Shop which will be open on the day of the Christmas party, those new waterproof training tops and kit bags will make an ideal Christmas present!!

The club sells Old Ruts kit and leisureware along with a full selection of equipment (Body Armour, Skins, Scrum Caps, Mouth Guards, Studs) for all your Rugby needs (with the exception of boots).

Pop into the shop this weekend and see the new waterproof training tops, perfect to keep the lads warm and dry during training sessions and match warm ups.

We also have the new Ruts kit bags in stock as well which look fantastic and hold a huge amount of kit!

The shop is staffed by volunteers and any profit gets fed back into the club to improve our facilities.

The shop is open from 9.00am before all Minis Sunday home fixtures and training sessions and remains open after training has finished.

  • New Jerseys from 2014

    The club has new jerseys introduced in the 2014-15 season which are in stock in the shop.  The Senior, junior & coaches' jerseys follow the traditional hoops theme 

  • Hoodies new from 2014

  • Kit for all youth sections

    Now available in the shop, new for 2014 jerseys, shorts & socks.

  • Body Warmers

    For those days in depth of winter when youngsters need a bit more warmth

  • Jackall

    A waterproof training top.

  • Gilbert Atomic Sports Compression Wear

    Short Sleeve Shoulder protection

  • Gilbert Synergie 12 Sports Compression Wear

    Shoulder Protection

  • Skin Sports Compression Wear

    Short Sleeve SportsTop

  • Rugby Balls

    Rugby Balls: Size 3 (Under 7s, 8s, 9s); Size 4 (Under 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s, 14s); Size 5 (Under 15s to Seniors)

  • Rugby Studs

    Metal IRB approved studs- 30p. each

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Online ordering is in the future, but email if you want to reserve any items.


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